Brduch is the essential Armenian all-purpose food.  Composed of soft lavash, fresh vegetables, herbs, and cheese, it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, snacks, or in Armenia, as a first course before the salads are served.  Rolled up and eaten fresh, it is elemental and delicious.  It's also completely portable and we often eat it on the go.  The lavash in the photo is Araxie's Whole Wheat Lavash.  Contact us if you want the recipe.

Late Summer Harvest Brduch

Late Summer Harvest Brduch

For each serving of Brduch

1 piece of soft lavash, or crisp lavash that has been moistened with water to soften

1 small tomato, quartered or 4 cherry tomatoes, halved, and sprinkled with a little sea salt and pepper

1/4 cup or to taste sliced Armenian or seedless cucumber

4 thin strips of red or light green sweet pepper

a few leaves of fresh basil, dill, mint, and parsley 

1/4 cup or to taste Armenian string cheese with Russian caraway seeds

You can season this with sea salt, black pepper, hot pepper, or a drizzle of olive oil if you like, but it's very good as it is with fresh produce.  Roll it up to eat it, or wrap it in plastic wrap to take away.  Hamov!