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Snapshots of a Magical Week in Artsakh

On the second day that we were in Artsakh, I marked the second time in my life that I have climbed a mountain in Converse. Luckily, we had Pavel Sargsyan's trusty 1948 army Jeep (kept in completely perfect condition) to carry us up some of the way, but at the end of the road, there was still a two hour hike up the steep slope.

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Off the Beaten Path in Armenia
Prehistory, War Stories, and Off-Road Drives: The Ughtasar Petroglyphs

  If you veer off the beaten path in Armenia, you may find yourself traveling to some of the oldest traces of civilization on a route where there isn’t even one of the dirt paths that sometimes pass for roads. To reach the site, you need a particularly hardy four-wheel-drive, and a highly skilled driver and navigator. Our fearless captain was Valeri...

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