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Teach for Armenia: Every Day is a Success Story

A little over a year ago, Arsholuys left her home in Beirut to come teach English and French in Berd, a small city in Armenia’s Tavush region. She was, of course, apprehensive about leaving her home, but inspired by a desire to come back to her homeland.

“My friends all knew that I loved Armenia and I wanted to help Armenia,” she told us. “So when one of them found this opportunity, they told me immediately.”

When we met Arsho over the summer, she had finished her first year teaching in Berd, and had fallen in love with the area and its people.

“I can’t imagine what I’ll do when my two years is over,” she said, telling us how she has already started looking for opportunities to stay in Armenia.

We were incredibly fortunate to have Arsholuys as our translator, traveling through many of the villages in Tavush with us. She was also an invaluable guide and friend during our time in Berd...

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