Rebirth Armenia is a writing and photography collaboration exploring the stories of survival and renewal in Armenia, one of the world's most ancient cultures, through projects such as Borderlands Under Fire and others. Rebirth Armenia also has expert travel information to help you plan your trip to discover Armenia.


What does it take to keep a nation alive? In a world of rapid change and increasing globalization, Rebirth Armenia explores the survival and renewal of one of the world’s most ancient societies. For millennia Armenia has stood at the crossroads of empires, subject to invasion, colonization, genocide, and forced diaspora, but it has maintained a continuous and coherent national identity. This project examines the integral role of culture and creativity in allowing a nation and its people to survive and thrive in the face of tremendous adversity.

We started the Rebirth Armenia project in 2015, inspired by our family’s stories of surviving the Armenian Genocide, and the unique culture and history we found in Armenia. Since then, we have traveled around the country, interviewing and photographing people who are upholding tradition and creating change in all walks of life. We encourage you to discover the beauty and wonder of Armenia, experience its warm hospitality and unique spirit, and consider how you can support preservation and rebirth, both in this society, and in communities around the world.


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